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If you live on the islands, you know that lanai outdoor furniture can’t be just any patio furniture. It has to have a soul, it needs to blend into the surrounding nature, and it has to combine some history with modern attributes. Fabrika will help you furnish your laniakea experience.

Even for the smallest outdoor area, it is true that if furnished the right way, it creates a pleasant atmosphere while increasing the living space of our home. We can all agree that time spent outdoors is a treasure.

​​Each house covers individual needs and a uniquely designed garden or balcony with them, ​so for the perfect experience, it is important to choose the right furniture and accessories for your outdoor relaxation.

Determine what the lanai will be used for

First and foremost, you need to decide what you want to use your outdoor space for. Whether you enjoy hosting dinner parties with al-fresco dining for family and friends or you want to create an outdoor office, you should choose accordingly.

But keep this in mind: the reverse is also true – what furniture you fall in love with will determine the space you’re going to use it for.

Choose comfort

Any furniture you use outside should be specifically designed for that purpose. With that said, your outdoor furniture should lure one in and create almost an addiction to keep coming back to relax.

Find the perfect patio furniture that will embrace you while you read, that will let you sink in after a long day’s work. Spruce up the furniture with decorative and comfortable pillows for the perfect atmosphere and let it do its magic.

Consider the time spent to keep it clean

Keeping the furniture clean that is either under the open sky or under shading could be time-consuming. Luckily, modern days have granted us easily maintained sets, if only with a simple garden hose. There is no need for repainting it every season, no need for tweaks, no need for reparations.

Synthetic rattan furniture has a long lifespan, even when in humid environments like Hawaii. Small cleaning habits could expand its lifespan significantly, even up to 30 years.

  • Clean the furniture with a vacuum cleaner with the brush attached to it.
  • Remove any stubborn debris with a toothpick or a toothbrush.
  • Remove food and drink stains with a damp cloth with only a drop of dishwashing soap.

Rattan garden furniture has a timeless style that doesn’t require much care.

Choose quality garden furniture

It doesn’t matter how big or small your outdoor space is, as long as you choose quality furnishing to complete the comfort. Small spaces can accommodate the most basic: two chairs and a table. In the case of spacious outdoor spaces, you can combine several sets with different functions from our store.

One of the ways for long-lasting patio furniture is the combination of aluminum and polyrattan. This patio furniture withstands the outdoor elements for many years to come.

No matter what furnishing you choose, always make sure it’s the quality you choose.

Consider what you get for your money

As mentioned above, quality is key. Broken, cracked, rusty garden furniture is neither safe nor comfortable and its enjoyment value is greatly reduced. Keep in mind that you are investing your money into quality outdoor furniture that will serve you and your guests for many years to come.

Quality outdoor furniture needs to withstand the test of time, to endure whatever seasonal surprise comes its way.

If you’re still unsure, come visit our showroom and choose your patio set. The visits are personalized, meaning we can devote the time to you and your needs for lanai patio sets.