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To work outside the four walls – that is the wish of many of us. But for the work to keep up its efficiency, we have to create a comfortable outdoor space where our concentration will be at its peak. Fabrika is here to help you create your perfect Oahu outdoor office!

Living on the islands of Hawaii one must embrace the laid-back lifestyle it offers. Surrounded by its diverse nature, azure sea, and vivid blue sky, it’s a shame to spend any amount of time between 4 walls. Move your office to the outdoor and breathe freely. Work by the shaka sign.

The revolution of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the early 1900’s revived wicker furniture and it just exploded. Today, almost every item can be woven, and garden furniture is no exception. Being one of the sturdiest of materials, polyrattan took over the outdoor furnishing and created a timeless style that fits into every open space and for every occasion.

The challenge, however, is greater than with normal furniture, as garden furniture must be resistant to increased stress, dust, weather, be it the scorching sun or rain. Despite being UV resistant and rainproof, the furniture has to have a delicate feel and an elegant look.

Choose rattan furniture that best suits your needs

Choose from the various sets of armchairs, sofas, rectangular or round tables, and sectional pieces. Make sure you feel comfortable sitting and working there. Prop yourself up with cushions, and let rattan do its magic. Rattan furniture is flexible but sturdy enough, so when someone sits on it, it feels as if it was tailored to the body’s needs.

Outdoor rattan furniture is made to withstand the island weather. The furniture is built on a metal frame, which is powder-coated aluminum. The artificial rattan is heat, UV, scratch, rain resistant. Thanks to the aluminum frame and the rattan weaving, this furniture is lightweight.

Set up under a shading

To avoid sun glares on your laptop and overheating of the same, find a shady spot. If you love al-fresco in a more rustic style, then move under a tree. If you want a more protected shade, then move under a pavilion of your choosing. Modern-day pavilions have a remote-control roofing system that provides safety not only from the scorching sun but also from unexpected rain.

Install outdoor curtains with tension rods or movable windows that will melt into the surrounding. This way you will easily adjust to the weather conditions provided by Oahu. Be it rain, storm, wind, you can still work with no concern to it.

What to look out for

Keep in mind that if you plan on working outside, you need a reliable power source and a strong wi-fi connection. It’s quite a nag if you have to go back inside every time the power or the wi-fi signal drops, so plan accordingly. A great solution is to have an outdoor power plug for maintaining the laptop’s power consumption.

Accessorize and personalize your outdoor office

Finally, complete the stylish rattan furniture with some personal touch. Bring nature even closer with some potted plants. Hang up some lanterns and your favorite windchimes. Keep a jug of fresh beverages on the table and enjoy your new workspace.

Having an outdoor office not only expands your workspace but:

  • staring at green scenery improves concentration by 8%
  • cortisol levels are lowered by 12%
  • relaxation state increases by 55%
  • spending even just 20 minutes in the open air provides energy equal to a cup of coffee