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The previous century, although brought many innovations, mostly kept us cooked up inside our homes with all the gadgets and gizmos. We forgot the importance of spending time in nature, as cables and cords chained us to desks indoors. The past year also taught us the importance of rustic living as we rediscovered our basic needs for fresh and open air. An outdoor living area simply yearns for its shading and your Oahu garden furniture will thank you for it!

Spending time with friends and family in the backyard of our home is an ideal way for many. The al-fresco dining, the lawn parties, and even the quiet alone times for reading and meditating require some sort of shading in the scorching sun. By providing adequate shading to your space, you can move your living room or even office to nature.

Shadings can be attached to the outer wall of homes or completely stand-alone structures. We usually call these pergolas, porches, gazebos, pavilions, etc. Nowadays, they are built from materials that withstand insane weather conditions and don’t need frequent maintenance.

With that said, modern-day shadings not only protect you from the sun, but they are, in fact, an all-round weather protection. The ability to manipulate the angle of the roof blades with remote control not only enables shading but it creates a waterproof roof. Attaching removable screens and various panels to the sides we can create a nook protected from the elements but still airy enough not to feel like a room.


Usually perceived as a garden seating area with wooden structures, transverse beams, and columns, run richly with flowers, mostly interpreted as a separate unit. The most characteristic feature of a pergola is a lattice top – definitely not invented for rainy weather.

This type of shading can be built in the immediate vicinity of the house and creating a porch, or it can be built in a separate place in the yard and garden as an independent structure for relaxation.

Nowadays, the transverse beams have been replaced with roof blades that offer complete protection from the elements and that is why bioclimatic pergolas are currently considered luxury solutions.


Gazebos are separate places in the garden for relaxation with a solid roof, partially or completely surrounded by walls. So, it’s a closed unit that can be square, hexagon, octagon, and other based as well. As a general rule, it costs more money and time to build than its alternative counterparts. Seeing as technologically advanced pergolas offer as much and more protection, they are slowly pushed to the side.

Renson shading for oahu garden furniture


A structure of a pavilion is a mixture of the pergola and the gazebo, as it originally has no walls, but the top is completely covered. Pavilions blended into modern-day pergolas with the covered roof and the airiness of the structure.

So, there you have it. The science of outdoor shading has become extremely complex over the past few years, so in addition to traditional fixed roof systems, awnings and a wide variety of pergolas present themselves on the market. Compared to a fixed roof structure – when we choose a pergola, we get extremely durable, stylish, unparalleled thorough shading performance, and not infrequently luxury solutions at a more affordable price.

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