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Seeing as there are only two seasons in Hawaii, kauwela (summer) and ho’oilo (winter), we may as well use that to our advantage and go back to our roots – modern style! Do you live in a non-stop city in a cramped apartment with a small balcony and you miss the outside? Or you live in the countryside but have a few square feet in the open air that you wish to renovate. No problem! Freshen up your modest terrace and make it feel like a spacious paradise with some outdoor furniture Honolulu style!

Let’s be completely honest here – most of us like to kick back after a hard day’s work with a sugar-rimmed beverage, a cooled-down mug of foamy deliciousness, or a refined rose in our quiet island of outdoor tranquility. Yeah, I’m talking about the 20 square feet of balcony you have connected to your living room or bedroom, the place where the sun shines and it rains sometimes, and where you move the stuff you don’t know what to do with.  Let’s see how few square feet can become your paradise!

1. Seating

The important thing to remember here is that leisure is key. Fit at least two chairs in there, either side by side or opposite of one another, and a table. Do not forget the table! And voila! – you’re already on the right path to creating a romantic venue.

2. Practicality and comfort

Another dilemma when decorating small outdoor spaces is whether we should get multiple chairs instead of a sofa or a loveseat, a beanbag, or a hanging swing chair – the possibilities are endless. But when space is limited, you need to consider this: you can eat on an outdoor couch, but it’s hard to sit back in a coffee chair. 

Curtains and pillows will add to the harmony of the balcony.

3. Multifunctional accessories

Decorating a small space can sometimes be overwhelming when we realize we don’t have enough space for everything we wanted. One of the great ways to save up on space is to get multifunctional accessories like a folding table that hangs on the balcony railing. You can also install shelves on the walls that can be folded when there’s no need for them.

4. Lighting

Of course, we shouldn’t forget about the lighting. Creating a peaceful, romantic space is achieved with candles, lanterns, or led strings. Seeing as we’re creating an outdoor space, it’s worth mentioning that this is a great opportunity to buy solar-charged lights, as these don’t require power.

5. Create an optical illusion

We have all heard that big mirrors do wonders deceiving us about the space that surrounds us. Hang one up and let it do its magic. Paint the walls white, use white and light elements when decorating and give the illusion of a bigger balcony that your neighbors will envy.

6. Accessories

Rugs! Yes, rugs outside! Rugs designed for the outdoors are perfectly weatherproof, don’t think of it as a piece for indoor use. They are durable. No, really, they are! They are commonly made from synthetic materials or plant fibers and are designed to withstand the elements. These rugs are sun and water-resistant and come in divine colors and patterns. Artificial grass is also a hell yes!

7. Mini oasis

Pack your space full of wonderful plants! Plants give so much back: they give the sense of life, they give energy and color to outdoor spaces. A few, small potted plants or a bouquet of flowers on the table or on a shelf, tall bamboo covering a portion of the wall, a few kokedamas hanging from the ceiling, or a cascading fern wall will create a true oasis in small spaces.

8. Unclutter the balcony

If you have used your balcony for storage for things you didn’t know what to do with, it’s time to change those habits. If, however, you still have to store some things outside, use plastic containers that fit under the furniture or have decorative value and you don’t have to hide them. Follow the Japanese thesis about spatial planning: create order in your space so energy could flow through it. Throw away anything that’s unnecessary and enjoy your new space.

Take your time in creating your perfect paradise with outdoor furniture Honolulu style. Pinterest stalking and a bit of creativity will do wonders. The pieces will come together and you’ll fall in love with it. Don’t forget to have fun while doing so!